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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Discovering a New Bead Store!

This morning it was a dreary steady rain (which we needed here in PR). After an MD appt, my DH suggested he show me something he found around the corner.  Much to my delight, 2 hr later and after spending over a $100, I was beaming from ear to ear!  Beads and findings OH MY!  I was a child in the "penny candy shop" again!  I picked up several focal pieces to add to my ever increasing stash, jump rings, lapis, pearls, palm beads, turtugos and black agate beads.  I can hardly wait to get them started!

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  1. I love discovering new bead stores, here in Michigan there is this amazing huge bead store in Frankenmuth. It has five different rooms filled with everything you could imagine. My husband cringes when we go there. lol Just because he knows I'll be lost in there forever. Thanks for joining my blog, I just joined yours as well.


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